(Our Signature Sensual Massage)

Indulge in our Signature Massage, where Tsunami like waves of pleasure cascade all over you to leave you utterly immersed in the world of sensual delight. Allow the skilled hands of our therapists to create waves of sensations, awakening your senses and releasing tension. Surrender to the ebb and flow of this extraordinary encounter, leaving you refreshed, renewed, and invigorated.

What we do

Tsunami Massage

Tsunami massage is a unique and indulgent massage experience that is designed to provide a sensation of waves cascading over the body, akin to the powerful force of a tsunami. During this massage, skilled therapists use a combination of techniques to create a rhythmic and flowing movement, simulating the ebb and flow of ocean waves.

About Service

Time: 80 minutes

Amount: ₱1,350






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